Multinationals and global SMEs are continually challenged by the ever-shifting regulatory landscapes that must be navigated.

Conflict scenarios are arising where compliance has simply become so complex, the balance between reasonable commercial risk and an unsavory outcomes and financial as well as reputational damage.

Since 2005 Select European Advisors Worldwide has been delivering clients optimal, sensible solutions and responses to local and cross-border transacting of data, IP, investments, commodities, solutions and services, company assets, and human capital. 

Today cross-border transacting and associated data flows are increasingly regulated, and clients require professional guidance of the highest calibre to avoid conflict scenarios and maintain tolerable risk ratios.

Cutting costs, finding the shortest distance to solutions, and results-driven planning is what SEA does best and demonstrably.  We offer collective specialist knowledge to prevent breaches and fines, regulate concomitant risks, guide corporate governance, and support compliance through costly and ever-changing cross-border complexities.  


SEA offers advisory and commercial support through its dedicated network of professional staff, including qualified lawyers in California, New York, Massachusetts, England & Wales, Swiss Court and Code practitioners, and also certified accountants in FL, CA, NY, and tax, structuring, and wealth planning specialists in Switzerland, England & Wales, Lisbon, and the USA.  

Each client is treated individually, with in-depth analysis of mission critical compliance concerns and liabilities, and meaningful solutions-orientated advice.  Each sector has its own unique challenges, so whether a SEA client is in a highly complex and regulated constellation, or simply has several jurisdictions it trades in, we offer bespoke and specific risks analysis, compliant adjustments, and thorough training and up-skilling to ensure the best commercial outcome for present and predicted regulatory challenges.