The current global pandemic means now more than ever we must do our utmost to plan, to plan swiftly, and as appropriately as possible.  


It is critical to understand and be soundly advised as to how inheritance works, how applicable laws may apply to family structures and assets, and what opportunities there are cross-jurisdictionally with respect to future wishes.  


As you self-isolate during the pandemic, you may be wondering how to get your will properly drafted, witnessed, and executed, or perhaps you have a will that needs updating, and you are unsure of how to produce a valid amendment/codicil.


Here are a few steps you can take to keep yourself and your loved ones protected.  If you want to do a will because you do not have one, or completely replace an existing will, depending on your jurisdiction you may need to consider whether your will needs to be witnessed, how to have valid witnesses during isolation, and where to properly locate your will for future protection against loss or destruction.

Passing intestate is a burden on loved ones, and probating and sorting an intestate estate is a costly exercise for your family and other beneficiaries.  If you need assistance with planning a living will, your first will, a replacement will, or a valid amendment/codicil, a trust formation, guardianships, or generally addressing cross-jurisdictional complexities, let us know.

Listen to our founding partner speaking on World Radio Switzerland (WRS) about the importance of taking control of your affairs with respect to succession planning: