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Multinationals and global SMEs are continually challenged by the ever-shifting regulatory landscapes that must be navigated, and an ever-increasing reliance on data has added a potentially punitive framework in many jurisdictions for failure to follow data privacy and protection legislation. 

Conflict scenarios are arising where compliance has simply become so complex, the balance between reasonable commercial risk and an unsavoury outcome of fines and reputational damage is harder and harder to strike.

Since 2005 Select European Advisors has been delivering clients optimal, sensible solutions and responses to local and cross-border transacting of data, IP, investments, commodities, solutions and services, company assets, and human capital. 

Today cross-border transacting and associated data flows are increasingly regulated, and clients require professional guidance of the highest calibre to avoid conflict scenarios and maintain tolerable risk ratios.

Cutting costs, finding the shortest distance to solutions, and results-driven planning is what SEA does best and demonstrably.  We offer collective specialist knowledge to prevent breaches and fines, regulate concomitant risks, guide corporate governance, and support compliance through costly and ever-changing cross-border complexities.  


SEA offers advisory and commercial support through its dedicated network of professional staff, including qualified lawyers in California, New York, Massachusetts, England & Wales, Swiss Court and Code practitioners, and also certified accountants in FL, CA, NY, and tax, structuring, and wealth planning specialists in Switzerland, England & Wales, Lisbon, and the USA.  

Each client is treated individually, with in-depth analysis of mission critical compliance concerns and liabilities, and meaningful solutions-orientated advice.  Each sector has its own unique challenges, so whether a SEA client is in a highly complex and regulated constellation, or simply has several jurisdictions it trades in, we offer bespoke and specific risks analysis, compliant adjustments, and thorough training and up-skilling to ensure the best commercial outcome for present and predicted regulatory challenges. 

Lawfulness, fairness and transparency
Processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner.
Purpose limitation
Collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in an incompatible manner.
Data minimisation
Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary.
Kept accurate and up-to-date.
Storage limitation
Not kept, any longer than necessary, in a form which permits identification of a Data Subject
Integrity and confidentiality
Appropriate security ensuring protection against unauthorised or unlawful Processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.
Source, ITgovernance UK


Select European Advisors clients receive one deliverable above all else: a transparent and bespoke service.


Cross-border compliance is complex, and singular to each organisation, large or small, even with respect to those in similar sectors and industries. 


You as a SEA client are a long-term investment; you will not receive templates, cookie-cutter documents, "one size fits all" solutions, a bundled offering, opaque pricing, or unclear outcomes.  We assist with results-orientated commercial guidance, from Board-level governance to in the trenches training.


In the arena of data protection and privacy, fines are possible - but with proper advisory assistance, these can be avoided, alongside reputational damage and devaluation.  At a reasonable and fair cost, in a timely and efficient manner.


As we move into an increasingly mature regulatory framework, it is evident the UK ICO is looking for transparency and accountability, as are other data protection authorities.  Similar to banking and tax reforms, and other challenging cross-jurisdictional rules, regulations, and legislation (which SEA has been advising clients on since 2005), clients can in fact respond in a commercially viable way in conjunction with SEA guidance as to reasonable risk tolerances and mandatory versus desirable governance and policies, procedures, and practices.   


Greater potentials for fine enforcement are hard to predict until we have seen the level of fines handled, done by the relevant supervisory authorities, but what is true is that the ICO (and other DPAs) are looking at ways to enhance privacy and protection stratagem.


Your individual constellation will receive the unique consideration merited, and bespoke advisory guidance. SEA encourages clients to work alongside governmental regulators to determine the right investment levels to be made for compliant outcomes.  The January 2019 fine of Google by the French DPA (CNIL) of 50m Euro under the GDPR is an indication of authoritative reach and gives every client a reason to take its obligations seriously, with a globally compliant compliance plan in line with its ability to operationalise consistently.


We can help you.  Expertise at your disposal comes from decades of major corporate commercial advising, as well as assisting with start-ups, listings, private companies, and liaising closely with governmental bodies for best practice outcomes. SEA is your long-term partner for guidance through current legislative storms, and whatever the weather brings in future.  Your future is our shared success. 



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Angela Randolph

Managing Partner​

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Managing Partner, Senior Global Data Protection and Privacy SME, Solicitor England & Wales and US Attorney (MA), Cross-Border Compliance and Governance Specialist


Dual-qualified UK Solicitor and US Attorney with in-depth expertise in best practice and assessing risks, costs, advantages, and penalties, direct and indirect, of compliance cross-jurisdictionally. 


Senior advisor with respect to varying jurisdictions' data protection and privacy laws and ensuring enterprise-wide compliance.


Managing stakeholder trainings at all levels, promulgating compliant documentation and procedures, conducting periodic audits of data protection measures and identifying actions necessary for remediation and operationalisation, providing appropriate advice and interpretation of the provisions of data protection laws as they impact client activities and/or specific functions across service lines and business units, dealing with subject access requests, security incident assessments, remediation and breach notifications, escalations, privacy impact assessments, reviewing and advising on data protection terms in supply contracts and terms of engagement, and forward planning against regulatory risk. 


Developing and delivering commercially sound, efficient compliance solutions for a broad range of clients, including governmental, corporates, healthcare providers, tech companies, insurance, banking, and investment advisors.

Tulane School of Law (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA) J.D., 1994
International Law Concentration - Dean’s Fellow, Ministry of Justice (Paris) 
Columbia University (New York, NY) B.A., 1990
Political Science and English - Dean’s List, Women’s Studies Grant (Amsterdam)  
London School of Economics and Political Science (London) S.Y.A., 1988 - 1989
Government Studies - High Honours

Tracey Dawkins
Data Privacy Senior Advisor
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Senior Solicitor, Global Data Protection / Data Privacy Advisor and GDPR SME


Extensive experience managing complex IT digital integration and management consultancy procurement, GDPR compliance, and sales projects,  in sectors including regulated telecommunications, medical/healthcare, insurance, financial technology, fiduciary, investment, consultancies, and fund administration environments. 


Legal support for companies going though rapid growth via the use of emerging technologies.  High level GDPR and data privacy/protection advisory roles, successful roll-outs of global GDPR compliance at Bupa, Maitland, and recently BT plc.  High level involvement in cyber security, big data, and digital offerings to help create compliant sales pipelines for clients. 


Advising and training boards and executive-level staff regarding business critical legal and risk management issues, in particular contractual and operations compliance with IT and cybersecurity rules, laws, and regulations, data protection awareness, and due diligence and governance required under the GDPR.


Law Society of England and Wales, Solicitor, London Metropolitan University, Law LLB (Hons), London


Anthony Reeves


IT, Cyber security, and Compliance Operationalisation Senior SME
Domestic and international leadership in IT Operations, Technology Development, GDPR compliant IT Roll-Outs, Disaster Recovery and Strategic Project Planning for start-ups, SMEs, and large blue-chip organisations in Finance, Telecoms, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, and e-commerce.

Expertise in IT infrastructure, Transmission CMDB (Risk, Change, Release, Configuration, Problem Management, GDPR compliance/operationalisation), and applications migration/deployment. Extensive background in network design and software development, especially with respect to dedicated database structures, IT Contract Law, implementing legislation and mandated cross-border compliance, IT execution on GDPR requirements, data protection/personal data and firewall security processes and procedures, including hardware/software procurement, outsourcing, 3rd party management, incident response, escalation protocol.

Over twenty years of project and people management and IS service/readiness experience with major global/international enterprises.  Outstanding track record in managing teams of IT professionals delivering complex solutions, Transitions, Mergers, and large Implantations to business processes.  Excellent leadership and team-building skills with a flexible, hands-on, positive results-orientated approach with clients large and small.  Newbury College, IT Business Studies BA.

William Bartram
Managing Director
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Managing Director

Senior management positions at IBM, Hewlett Packard and Cisco, an expert in Cyber Security, global business, and cross-border operations. Based in London, Zurich and Lisbon. 

Helping organisations drive operational costs down through off-shoring and outsourcing, with business development, and contract management. Good understanding of cultural integration, and the processes required to deliver a successful project.

Wide experience in Software Licensing, off-shore ability ratios, governance, contract negotiation, and innovative pricing models, including revenue sharing.

Extensive market sector experience including but not limited to, Biotech / Pharma, Banking, Telecom operators and OEM's, high technology manufacturing, Retail, Independent Software Vendors (ISV's), Automotive, Energy, and Utilities, with a good understating of many of the major corporations in each area.



The current global pandemic means now more than ever we must do our utmost to plan, to plan swiftly, and as appropriately as possible.  


It is critical to understand and be soundly advised as to how inheritance works, how applicable laws may apply to family structures and assets, and what opportunities there are cross-jurisdictionally with respect to future wishes.  


As you self-isolate during the pandemic, you may be wondering how to get your will properly drafted, witnessed, and executed, or perhaps you have a will that needs updating, and you are unsure of how to produce a valid amendment/codicil.


Here are a few steps you can take to keep yourself and your loved ones protected.  If you want to do a will because you do not have one, or completely replace an existing will, depending on your jurisdiction you may need to consider whether your will needs to be witnessed, how to have valid witnesses during isolation, and where to properly locate your will for future protection against loss or destruction.

Passing intestate is a burden on loved ones, and probating and sorting an intestate estate is a costly exercise for your family and other beneficiaries.  If you need assistance with planning a living will, your first will, a replacement will, or a valid amendment/codicil, a trust formation, guardianships, or generally addressing cross-jurisdictional complexities, let us know.

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